Alternative Therapies

We have a number of different holistic therapists that work within Sion Studios.

To find out more information please see there profiles below with links to their websites. All appointments can be booked directly with each therapists.

Pippa Moye- Therapist & Coach

I am a Reiki Master-Teacher, Meditation Tutor, Life Coach, Clairvoyant Medium and Holistic Therapist.

I help clients to overcome stress, anxiety, depression, physical pain, relationship issues, spiritual crisis and other life challenges.

I specialise in energy healing using:
• Reiki
• Sekhem
• Psychic Surgery
• Theta Healing™

My services include:
• Meditation classes
• Energy Work
• Chakra Balancing
• Stress Management
• Personal Development
• Coaching
• Healing
• Spiritual Guidance
• Reiki Training Courses

I personally experienced the impact of psychological stress on the body and realised that nutrition and exercise are not enough to maintain physical wellbeing. As a result, I now focus on mental, emotional and spiritual health.

I teach meditation and mindfulness, along with spiritual and personal development as part of as my Reiki training programme and other workshops.

In 1:1 sessions I use coaching, positive psychology, intuitive guidance and energy healing. I am also gaining counselling skills in order to provide greater psychological support to my clients.


Click Here for Pippa’s Website