Alternative Therapies

We have a number of different holistic therapists that work within Sion Studios.

To find out more information please see there profiles below with links to their websites. All appointments can be booked directly with each therapists.

Rowena Humphris- Transformation Health Coach

My life story carries a lot of trauma and pain but also brought me strength that gifted me as a healer. With true empathy and intuitive understanding of others pain. I can often tell after a short time what is the root issue in the body – physically or emotionally. I believe a healer is teacher of the body therefore I teach others the gift to heal also.
A few years ago I experienced a period of life-changing events and with that came depth of pain in my body – I had to find a way to heal – I was a mum and had another person to care for. So I tried everything and anything, this journey I truly believed gifted me further to have more depth and understanding of the world and our bodies. My purpose is now to share…
Within this experience I have found many ways and insights on how the body works and heals. I work with you online or in person.

I also work online direct one to one with patients from the comfort of their own space. This energy realise therapy will help you see what subconcious patterns you create for yourself. I will support and guide you to realise these traumas or emotions so your can live the life you really wish.
I have been practicing TCM Acupuncture since 2011 and now incorperate the many other tools in my practice that have helped me.

Each patient I treat is individual and I will diagnose via pulse, toungue, intuitively, psychically and questions of life history.
Each session and course of treatment I will intuitively use acupuncture, cupping, massage, breath work, spiritual & lifestyle guidance and inner child healing work..

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